Reliability, higher pressures, stresses and speeds in today's machines and equipment demand stronger, more reliable joints and stronger, more reliable fasteners to hold them together. Unbrako® high quality, high strength socket cap screws offer joint reliability and safety with maximum strength and fatigue resistance ensuring you a superior, safer product that meets your most challenging fastener and joint issues.
  Unbrako offers the following socket screw and related products:
Socket Head Cap Screws  
Standards - Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel
Low Heads
Hex Head Bolt  
Shoulder Screws  
Flat Head Socket Screws  
Button Head Socket Screws  
Socket Set Screws  
Square Head Set Screws  
Pressure Plugs  
Hex Keys -- Short Arm, Long Arm and 6" Long Arm  
LOC-WEL® Self-Locking Socket Screws  
Dowel Pins  
Metric Socket Screw Products  
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Inch Series BSW 3/16" to1" Download
Metric Series M3 To M20 Download
Inch Series BSW Download
Metric Series M4 To M20 Download
Inch Series UNC 1/4"To1" Download
Inch Series UNC/1-1/8" To2" Download
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Metric Series 2 Download
Metric Series M16 To M30 Download
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